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Uncle Ted’s Special Skill

Uncle Ted’s Special Skill
Joe loved golf, but his eyesight had gotten so bad, that he couldn’t find
his ball once he’d hit it. He consulted with his wife, and she recommended
that Joe bring along her uncle Ted. Joe said, “But Ted is 80 years old and
half senile!”" His wife replied

Speed Trap

Speed Trap
A state trooper spied a car puttering along at 22 MPH. So he turned on his
lights and pulled the driver over. Approaching the car, he noticed that
five old guys were inside, and they looked wide-eyed and terribly pale.
The driver pleaded with him, “Officer

FLOODlight failure

Julie, the husband of Fredrik, had diarrhoea. So, every now and then, she went to the loo.

But the only thing she’d done is missed the toilet and it all ran across the bathroom floor! She said “HELP! IT’S ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR!!!”" The only thing that she couldn’t see was the whole room. It was dark because there was a power cut!

“”HELP!”" she said

The horse and his owner

There was a guy who wanted to teach his horse how to listen to him. So he took him to a horse breeder and paid 75$ for him to teach him how to do some stuff. The guy who he paid was a priest and he said priestwords to the horse. So one week after he dropped the horsse off, he came back and wanted to see if his horse had improved. The priest said, “When you want him to go

2 prawns

Far away in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, two prawns were swimming
around in the sea – one called Justin and the other called Christian.

The prawns were constantly being harassed and threatened by sharks that
patrolled the area. Finally one day Justin said to Christian, “I’m bored
and frustrated at being a prawn

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